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With bespoke painting, you may turn your house into a spectacle! We have assisted many of your friends and neighbours in transforming plain white walls into luxurious interior spaces.

Professional Painting Services

My Handyman Columbus GA made it possible for homes in “The City Beautiful” to be beautiful, one satisfied client at a time.

The extreme humidity can damage the outside surfaces of homes—or any building for that matter. That’s where we can help. Your space’s outside (and interior) will be the envy of the block with only one visit from us!

Allow us to take care of the work so you can enjoy your weekend. You’ll thank yourself for calling Handyman whether you do something adventurous like take the family to one of our many theme parks or simply decide to relax at the beach.

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Before we organise an on-site estimate, we’ll connect you with one of our project managers to discuss the specifics of your job. If you approve the estimate, we’ll begin gathering a crew of as many painters as are needed to complete the project in a single day!

We’ll arrive early on the day of the job to take care of any necessary prep work, and then we’ll be off to the races! We’ll do a walkthrough with you once we’ve finished painting to make sure you’re happy with all of the colours and finishes we’ve used.

We’ll follow up with you a few days later to see if you’re still happy with your choices once they’ve dried and you’ve had some time to process everything. We won’t be happy with our job until we know we’ve wowed you!


When we say full-service, we mean it: we want to take all of the stress out of your next major painting project. We’ll take care of the preparation ahead of time by covering large things with plastic, tape around window and door frames, and even patching up small wall damage.


Are you prepared to make a change? A handyman can improve your home’s curb appeal or enhance its overall appearance. Our courteous uniformed teams treat each task as if it were their own, paying close attention to every detail. We hold ourselves to the greatest standards when it comes to house painting since our customers deserve it. We’ve got you covered on everything from trim to decks.

Our crews are sure to be fantastic (and fast. and nice), and they don’t just stop at painting the interior walls of your home. With custom paint and stains, we can completely change a room. If you’ve just remodelled or simply patched up your property, let us offer that finishing polish to create a calming environment.


Our vision expands beyond the confines of your home if yours does! Whether you want a fresh colour for your front door or want to completely redo your home’s outside, our Orlando exterior painters will do the job well!


After complete work, your home isn’t the only area that will glow. With our business painting services, you may update your office or commercial space and give it a professional look. Our Columbus painters complete the job in one day, including clean-up, to ensure that your business is not disrupted.


Our interior commercial painters in Orlando will alter your space and make it look brand new, from a facelift in the break room to painting every room in the facility. Walking into a visually beautiful, warm, and inviting workplace area is the ideal way to start a busy day.


Could your office building, residential complex, or another commercial property benefit from a little more curb appeal? It’s difficult to put a monetary value on first impressions! We’ll apply the same stroke of genius to the exterior of your commercial space as we do to the interior, whether it’s touch-ups or a new colour scheme for the entire façade.

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Are you ready to witness how much the top painters in Columbus, GA can change your home in just one day? We’re all set to dazzle you. Call us immediately. Get your house painted in the safest way possible – If you want to give your house a beautiful and safe makeover, we’re here to help! When it comes to safety, Take advantage of a long number of advantages, as well as safety standards, expert consultation, and supervision.


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